Stanford Alumni Uncorked

Alumni Uncorked-Six winemakers and enthusiasts toast life and work in the vineyards.


For people in the San Francisco Bay Area, 1989 was a year to remember for big reasons: two local teams in a national baseball championship, and a devastating earthquake. But for one School of Medicine student and her father, it's a small moment that makes 1989 most memorable. Inside an Escondido Village apartment at Stanford, sitting at a table fashioned from a wooden crate, the two shared a pizza and drank a bottle of Vega Sicilia that was worth about one month's rent.


The student was Laura Catena, daughter of prominent Argentine winemaker Nicolás Catena. "Wine was a bond my dad and I shared," she says. "At that time, I was discovering medicine, and my father was sort of reinventing wine for his entire country...I just remember sitting with him, sharing this great bottle of wine, and sharing our dreams in life."