Lujan de Cuyo (2,950 to 3,300 feet elevation): Mendoza's most traditional vineyard region; best for old vine Cabernet Sauvignon and a jammy style of Malbec. Comprises the districts of Las Compuertas, Vistalba, Perdriel, Agrelo (Luca Beso de Dante) and Ugarteche among others.

Moderate high desert climate. Deeper alluvial soils: clay, sand and limestone predominate.

Uco Valley (3,200 to 5,000 feet elevation): Named after an Indian chief who ruled the region hundreds of years ago. Comprises the districts of Tunuyan (Luca Malbec), Tupungato, Villa Bastia, Gualtallary (Luca Pinot Noir and Luca Chardonnay), Vista Flores, Los Arboles, Altamira (Luca Malbec), La Consulta (Nico by Luca Malbec, Luca Malbec and Luca Syrah Laborde Double Select), San Carlos, Eugenio Bustos and El Cepillo among others.

Cool nights, sunny days, low humidity, great night-day thermal amplitude. Alluvial soils which are very low in organic material. Shallow alluvial soils: sand, limestone and rocks of all sizes predominate.


Agrelo, Lujan de Cuyo Elevation 3300’ / 1010 mts
Cabernet Sauvignon: La Piramide Vineyard


Gualtallary, Elevation 5000’ / 1500 mts
Chardonnay: AdriannaVineyard - G LOT
Pinot Noir: AdriannaVineyard - G LOT

Tunuyan, Elevation 3000´ / 910 mts
Malbec: Hinojosa Vineyard
Malbec: Allulturi Vineyard
Malbec: Antequera vineyard

San Carlos (La Consulta and Altamira), Elevation 3800’ / 1180 mts
Malbec: Giusti Vineyard
Malbec: Rosas Family Vineyard
Malbec: Paganotto Vineyard
Malbec: Valverde Vineyard
Malbec: Adrian Rio Vineyard
Cabernet Sauvignon: Adrian Rio Vineyard
Cabernet Sauvignon: Basso Vineyard
Syrah: Laborde Double Select Vineyard